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GB-201105531-D0: Compounds patent, GB-201105922-D0: Multi-mode touchscreen user interface for a multi-state touchscreen device patent, GB-201105946-D0: Spandrel panel patent, GB-201107596-D0: Low loss solar pv panels design patent, GB-201107716-D0: Methods and systems for capturing 3d surface geometry patent, GB-201107985-D0: Process patent, GB-201108518-D0: Air conditioning system patent, GB-201108609-D0: Improved scooter patent, GB-201108965-D0: Vehicle navigation patent, GB-201109135-D0: Fuel can patent, GB-201109193-D0: Diamond tools patent, GB-201109473-D0: Display method and apparatus using the properties of photonic crystals patent, GB-201109745-D0: A fault current limiter patent, GB-201109813-D0: An on-demand generation of hydroxyl gas for performance enhancement of fossil fuel internal combustion engines patent, GB-201109815-D0: A parking sensor patent, GB-201110747-D0: Conveyor apparatus for loading and unloading an aircraft patent, GB-201111454-D0: Hologram technology patent, GB-201111920-D0: Heaters for fluids patent, GB-201111971-D0: Vehicle seats and seat leg assemblies therefor patent, GB-201112866-D0: Masking roll having pre-manufactured fold and removable face for use in painting two adjacent surfaces patent, GB-201112905-D0: A computer system for processing product data patent, GB-201113350-D0: Anti-pinch stroller frame assembly patent, GB-201113390-D0: Fuel compositions patent, GB-201113584-D0: Recording the position of passive underwater acoustic reflectors patent, GB-201114393-D0: Optical sensing of antibodies by electrical means patent, GB-201114662-D0: Chemically programmable immunity patent, GB-201115109-D0: Multi-flurophore core-shell silica nanoparticles patent, GB-201115547-D0: Space debris reducer patent, GB-201115840-D0: Safety system patent, GB-201115920-D0: Multi-layered transdermal patch patent, GB-201116208-D0: Novel weight materials for use in cement, spacer and drillig fluids patent, GB-201116616-D0: Electrical machine component monitoring system and method patent, GB-201117340-D0: Flat support patent, GB-201118529-D0: Robotic apparatus and associated methods patent, GB-201119274-D0: Serial data interface for a software-defined radio system patent, GB-201120474-D0: Inhibitors patent, GB-201121412-D0: Apparatus and kit for containing sports equipment patent, GB-201122113-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-201201780-D0: Improved e-book content replacement patent, GB-201201805-D0: Speculum patent, GB-201203138-D0: Signal processing system patent, GB-201204057-D0: Therapeutic and diagnostic target patent, GB-201204383-D0: H, level patent, GB-201204714-D0: Using video based manuals/guides as enhancement from paper based manuals/ guides patent, GB-201205551-D0: Hose for conveying fluid patent, GB-201206162-D0: Method of operating a lean nox trap in an internal combustion engine patent, GB-201206434-D0: A waste collection device patent, GB-201207462-D0: Method of manufacturing a medicament dispenser device patent, GB-201208876-D0: IVIg treatment for patients with myeloma patent, GB-201209008-D0: Drinks bottle ice cartridge attachment patent, GB-201209219-D0: Hybrid storage subsystem patent, GB-201209561-D0: Non-linear tomography method for main axis of symmetry of anisotropic velocity model and apparatus patent, GB-201209942-D0: Auto-focus image system patent, GB-201209970-D0: Improvements in the manufacture of sinks patent, GB-201210493-D0: Sunless tanning with pyranones and furanones patent, GB-201211054-D0: Turbine patent, GB-201211096-D0: Therapeutic and diagnostic target patent, GB-201212497-D0: EMP plane patent, GB-201212569-D0: Bioactivated bone generation material patent, GB-201213179-D0: Silicone polymer blend composites patent, GB-201213467-D0: Multi-functional, multi-purpopse sexual aid patent, GB-201213583-D0: Apparatus and method for sequestering a gas patent, GB-201213913-D0: Pipe assembly patent, GB-201214315-D0: Temperture sensor patent, GB-201214893-D0: Methods of making a mixture for a PTFE membrane with inorganic material,and compositions related thereto patent, GB-201215999-D0: Fault-based unit replacement patent, GB-201216057-D0: iPod touch nurse call patient handset case patent, GB-201216438-D0: Flat screen television mounting template patent, GB-201216610-D0: A self contained and portable electric shower patent, GB-201217264-D0: Mobile phone secure data storage system patent, GB-201217534-D0: Display device patent, GB-201219354-D0: Mobile recovery machine patent, GB-201220245-D0: Video distribution patent, GB-201220931-D0: Method for synchronizing a transmitter and a receiver in a CSMA ad-hoc network and corresponding devices patent, GB-201221250-D0: Information processing device patent, GB-201221406-D0: Method and device for implementing strain patent, GB-201222741-D0: Cooking and supply apparatus and method patent, GB-201222816-D0: Organic light emitting diode display device and method for sensing characteristic parameters of pixel driving circuits patent, GB-201223069-D0: Organic light emitting diode display device for sensing pixel current and pixel current sensing method thereof patent, GB-201223104-D0: Time calculating label patent, GB-201223506-D0: Held-up patent, GB-201300031-D0: Ubuntu UX innovations patent, GB-201301042-D0: Communication System patent, GB-201302636-D0: A rotatable safety device for furniture patent, GB-201302794-D0: Improvements in or relating to deformable membrane assemblies patent, GB-201303541-D0: Ammonia and methanol plant feedstock variation control process patent, GB-201303600-D0: A Dummy Instrument for use in a Simulator patent, GB-201303808-D0: Carrier assembly for a motorized vehicle patent, GB-201304383-D0: Splash stoppa patent, GB-201304627-D0: Tracking of cable patent, GB-201305009-D0: Handtool patent, GB-201305309-D0: Child-safe drive mechanism patent, GB-201305944-D0: Transmitters and methods for transmitting signals patent, GB-201307095-D0: Binders patent, GB-201308469-D0: Methods and Apparatus to Identify a Degradation of Integrity of a Process Control System patent, GB-201309578-D0: Method for disparity adjustmant during stereoscopic zoom patent, GB-201309779-D0: Echo removal patent, GB-201310273-D0: A magnetic storage and display device comprising an image patent, GB-201310447-D0: Collaboration Server patent, GB-201311880-D0: Weight transfer mechanism patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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